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3d Animation

We have been animating every three-dimensional object, every style and story for 20+ years. Character design and animation, technique, promotion, architecture, 360, VR animation movies.Daha Fazlası »


With our professional team, screenwriters and equipment, we make all kinds of productions from cinema to advertisement, promotional films to educational films.Daha Fazlası »

Motion Graphics

We animate 2D cartoons, typographic animations, motion graphics, infographic and anything.Daha Fazlası »


We make effects and 3d animation in cinema and video productionsDaha Fazlası »

Animanya Academy

We established Animanya Academy to train qualified people in line with the needs of the industry.Daha Fazlası »

Interactive Software

We have experience in many areas such as simulation, mobile games, interactive presentations, AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality).Daha Fazlası »


Animanya is an animation studio specializing in production, design, advertisement and visualization, especially in 3d animation films.

Animanya Animation Studio was founded in 2008. Animanya was able to grow rapidly becoming one of Turkey’s largest animation studio.

With over 500 projects, 1000s of movies and more than 10 years of experience, we offer our customers the best solutions.

Our goal is to successful projects and signing world-class jobs that will be remembered in the future.

Animanya Animation Studio

Ümit Mah. 2526. Sok. No: 36/1 Ümitköy Çankaya / Ankara

0312 476 06 30

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